The “V” word

I guess there is one thing that I am still not comfortable with as a dad. It is the “V” word…you know, down there!

As a SAHD, I am the one responsible for feeding my child, putting her down for a nap, changing her diaper and among other things, to take my daughter to the doctor when she has a problem. In past visits, I have never had any issues, but it is not very often that a guy has to go to the doctor to discuss your daughter’s V-J-J*. Although, now that I think about it, I have been stressed about it since she was born. I still have plenty of time to prepare for the teenage year and boys…boys…boys…boys! The problem there is…I was a boy!

As a boy (now a man), growing up in an all boy family, we never had to encounter these topics – you know, “girl problems”. In fact, the biggest “girl problem” we knew about was us! Boy, how things have changed.

Now back to my story…

Other than with baking, guys tend to know very little about yeast. That’s Right, I said it! YEAST!!! That is a girl problem, or at least I thought it was a girl problem…

I know that all children get diaper rashes from time-to-time but that is where I thought it ended. Apparently, little girls (and little boys) can develop a “Yeast Diaper Rash” – I think it is just a nice way to say yeast infection…but I could be wrong.

I didn’t know that boys can get them too. I don’t know if I am just ignorant or if I been living in a bubble for most of my life, but I guess until you need to deal with certain things you just go through life with your head in the clouds. – this is a lot easier for me since I am quite tall. The air is thinner up here.

To top off the experience, our regular doctor was away so we had a new doctor…a female doctor…and my wife was not around. This is one of those situations that you wish you had the 9-5 office job that lets you avoid having these conversations with strangers…doctors or not. So now, I have a mission to find out all about yeast. I do not like looking ignorant nor do I like feeling ignorant. I’ll also take a page out of my 19 month old’s book who in front of the doctor, without any hint of embarrassment, pointed to her privates and used the proper word!

Next time I go to the doctors, I will be more knowledgeable, ask more questions, and not be so embarrassed.

– QDaddy

* – trying to keep it PG

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