The New Addition

Two weeks ago, we had another addition to the family. No it wasn’t a dog, it wasn’t a cat, or even a hamster. It was a son!!!

Wow! How lucky am I, to be fortunate enough to have a beautiful daughter, a loving and supportive wife, an awesome dog and now….a boy! My family is COMPLETE!!!

We decided not to find out what we were having the second time around (just as we did with the first). Why not have the surprise?! After all, the day-to-day grind can get pretty predictable.

Boy are we glad we didn’t! Granted, being able to decide what we should keep and what to get rid of would have been easier. Knowing if we needed to buy more close or if we could re-use a lot of the “mint condition” newborn wardrobe. I could have pre-painting the kids bedroom (which will now have to incorporate both pink and blue) until we are in a position where both children can have their own room. Even picking a name would have been easier…but I tell you the magic of the first site of this new precious life, not knowing what it is. Not making prejudgement, not making any plans. Just looking down in all the chaos that labour is and seeing them come alive. That was really cool!

With our first, it was so foreign to us, that the feelings of uncertainty and for me…the thought of our daughters teanage years hit me with a flurry of emotion. This time…it was totally different. My wife was the first to see the sex and when I finally met our little man. I was more grounded in my emotions. Some people may look at my expressions as insensitive¬† and cold but it is not the case.

I am super excited about having a son. Someone that thinks and reacts the way I do. Someone that I know can stick up for his older sister when I can’t be there and someone that has parts I can relate too!!!

Although, now that I have a boy. I am scared for reasons that i never thought. I am scared of his little pistol. I don’t know how to handle a third-party pistol. I got used to changing diapers on a girl. Now, I have a whole new challenge.

I know people say it is easier to change a boy than a girl but when they are a newborn, I beg to differ. I stress out more that you know! I am always trying to cover and clean. My hands get all clumsy and the baby starts squirming. So then I get even more stressed. It is a vicious circle.

Thankfully, I have an amazing wife. She puts up with my fidgiting, my whining and my stand-offish behaviour. She doesn’t seem to be phased by the baby at all (a little tired, mind you…OK very tired)¬†She just keeps on going. I guess that is one of the sidebenefits of sleep deprivation. The ability to not over think these operations.

I know I will get more comfortable with this whole situation. It will just take a little time. I am loving having a daughter (more than I expected) and I know that I will love having a son!

Know, I have school in the morning, so I should probably get some sleep!

…that will be another subject!…good night!

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