Dr. Phil – I am not very happy

So I watched a full episode of Dr. Phil a few days ago. The episode was called “When She is the Bread Winner”
I thought Great! I’m going to enjoy this episode. Boy was I wrong. I should have known when I saw the preview photo on his website. Here is what I wrote on their site:

I am not at all fond of the picture used for this episode. It depicts us (Stay-at-Home Dads) as fat middle-aged men that sit around the house and do housework.  We are not all like that. In fact, many of us are Work-at-Home Dads. We may not be earning what we used to but we are actually working just as hard, if not harder than we did before.

Parenting is not just about housework. As any responsible parent will agree (or should agree). Being the primary caregiver to your children is the most important job anyone could every have and it is a 24/7 commitment!

The one luxury many of us do have, is the flexibility in our jobs to work from home. We are caregivers-by-day, Breadwinners-by-night: Sometimes the loaf is more like a bun, but it is still made with flour and yeast, isn’t it!

How is this any different than when the roles are reversed? Many moms have part-time jobs or the husband holds down more than one job. We do what we have to do to make ends meet and we do it the best we can!

Currently being a SAHD is isolating…there is no doubt about that. But the future is brighter with more attention being paid to our ‘invisible’ minority in the media like this program. There are also a handful of blogs and social networking websites that help connect other SAHDs out there.

Here are a few: www.stayathomedad.org, www.rebeldad.com, www.dadcentric.com or even my blog : www.dadmestic.com

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