Monthly Archives: May 2016

Life keeps on moving forward

Just realizing that it has been several years since I have written my last post, it makes me think of all the things that have happened to this point. When I started this blog I have great expectations of how I could change the world and unite the stay at home dads, that so often feel isolated.

Well, I don’t think I’ve managed to do that and for that I must reflect.

Since I started this site in 2008, We have had a number of ups and downs in our life. We have had two wonderful children, the loss of a Father & Grandfather, the loss of a Great-Grand father and the diagnosis of our son with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). We have had the hospitalization of a grandmother (twice!!! and thankfully, she is recovering well) and the change in the focus of career.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but that is just the tip of the iceberg on our lives.

We have felt like we are struggling to keep our heads above water for quite a while now and have truly struggled with the “Why’s and When’s and How’s of life”.

Now that our children are a little older, we face new struggles that are a result of our choices. Choices that we made at the time, not knowing what the future held and not always understanding the path they would take. We have struggled with our son and we are so grateful for the progress he has made. If we did not learn so young that he was on the spectrum, we would not have been able to make as much progress as we have. He is doing great now and when we watch videos of where we started with him. The hours of therapy, the hours of frustration, hours of understanding. They have been all worth it and we are so glad that we didn’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend nothing was wrong.

Early Intervention is key! Without that, many bad habits would have developed and we would be  far more worn that we are right now. The only downside that has developed from all this is in the way of our daughter. She has been left out, or at least she feels that way!

She is a very bright girl and very sensitive to the world around her. It is no wonder that our son was diagnosed but sometimes we wonder if we overlooked our daughter…

Truth be told, she is the reason that he is doing so well!  He is a copycat and she shows him how to act (most of the times) and how to be. Here ability to engage others is truly remarkable for such a young person and without her, I don’t think we would be as far along as we are today! She is too young to truly understand what I mean but when she looks back at her life, I hope she can feel proud of the role she played. To this, I will end this post and leave you with a couple videos that just seems timely!… And I will be the first to admit