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Movie about SAHD’s

I was just searching the internet for more information about SAHD’s and ran across this…

A movie is called “Happy SAHD” and here is a quote:

“What happens when a family decides that Dad will stay at home with the kids while Mom works? SAHDs (Stay-At-Home Dads) are a growing trend in our culture. This new documentary by award winning Baltimore filmmaker Michael Ivan Schwartz, Happy SAHD follows a dozen Baltimore-area fathers who have chosen for a variety of reasons to be the daily caregiver for their children. This illuminating and humorous movie reveals the every day life trials, tribulations and triumphs of these unique men living outside the norm.”

Check it out:

It looks interesting!

New Site for Stay at home Dad’s

After trying to find information that is relevant to SAHD’s, I decided that there needs to be a better way to get support for men in our situation.

I belong to a couple of sites, but I find that they are virtually useless at catering to the problems that SAHD’s encounter.

The major problem with most of the sites out there is that the content is so general or even duplicated word-for-word from a sister site.

Even on television…

I received a phone call from my sister-in-law. She was so excited to tell me that “Cityline”, a Canadian talk show (for lack of a better word), had an episode on Stay-at-Home Dads. So I recorded the episode and watched it with my wife after she got home from work. Of the hour show…dedicated to SAHD’s and the issues that occur, there was literally about 8 minutes that was SAHD specific. The rest was just fluff and commercials.

Men have a unique perspective on parenting and they need to be able to express themselves. SAHD’s do have a very unique perspective, from the social stigma…to the day-to-day chores. They need a way to express themselves and understand thast they are not alone.

So here you are…DadMESTIC.COM

I know it doesn’t necessarily role off the tongue…but it is a lot better than Mr. Mom, Househusband and a multitude of other names we have been called. Even, SAHD is kind of SAD!

Please help build this site into a great resource for SAHD’s!!!